I draw upon a number of theoretical perspectives in my work to enable us to make sense of the difficulties your child is experiencing and design an intervention personalised to their needs. I use a range of evidence-based psychological therapies to empower children, young people and their families to make sense of their experiences, overcome their difficulties and work toward mutually agreed goals. 

These include:

  • cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • narrative therapy
  • systemic family approaches
  • mindfulness based appraoches
  • eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • hypnotherapy
  • compassion focused therapy

I recognise that coming to see a psychologist can be a daunting prospect. I work from a non-judgmental and collaborative perspective, tailoring my work to suit individual needs and circumstances and placing the therapeutic relationship at the heart of therapy.


Although individual work with a young person is often recommended, I can also work indirectly with parents or carers (for example in supporting them to manage challenging emotions or behaviour at home) or with whole families. Even when working individually with a young person, parents and carers are often included at the beginning and/or end of each session in order to support the intervention (although this can vary depending on the age, needs and goals of the young person). In agreement with you, it can sometimes be helpful to involve school and other organisations in the process as appropriate.