What to expect

I aim to respond to all initial enquiries within 48 hours and will send you an initial consultation form to find out some brief information about the types of difficulties you, as a family, are experiencing. If we decide together that it would be helpful, we will arrange an assessment appointment either via Zoom or in person, where I will meet with you and your child. During this 50 minute appointment we may spend some time together and separately. This appointment allows me to take a full history to understand how the difficulties have developed and what might be maintaining them. 

This information will enable me to make some suggestions about what interventions might be most appropriate or what other agencies might be better suited to meet your family's needs. If we decide that psychological therapy is appropriate, we will decide on the initial number of sessions, how regularly we will meet and what type of therapeutic intervention we will use. 

Therapy sessions are usually 50 minutes long (EMDR may require 75 minute sessions). Throughout therapy we will regularly review progress and check in on whether we are moving in the direction of our goals.


The things we discuss in sessions will be private and confidential unless I am concerned that your child (or others) is at risk of harm, in which case I will need to discuss these concerns with appropriate external agencies.


Fees are available on request.